Volume II

Our theme for this year’s issue was “Privacy & Transparency”. We chose to focus on the interrelation of these two legal issues and how they affect various areas of legal inquiry. While each article’s specific topic addresses problems unique to their area, there was a broad focus on understanding who privacy and transparency laws work for in various situations.

Our first article revolves around privacy and transparency laws regarding policing and its relationship to technology, with a specific focus on the strategies and tactics used by the intelligence community. The article assessed the ways that policing systems have adopted intelligence-led tactics in post-9/11 America, and the inherent issues of private data and transparent tactics that go along with it. In addition, the article seeks to establish forward-looking outlines for responsible, transparent behavior regarding intelligence and private data.

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As part of a larger student body, our organization is conscious of the tumultuous, complicated relationship between campus policing and student privacy. Our second article seeks to address this relationship, laying out broad trends and factors that play into privacy and transparency within it, as well as aiming to craft a path forward for a more open and safe campus community.

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Immigration has long been one of the foremost areas of debate concerning privacy and transparency laws, and thus our third article concerns undocumented immigrants and the legal procedures they face. This article’s broad focus revolves around what rights and liberties exist for undocumented immigrants, and how the legal processes that concern them vary in thresholds of privacy and transparency across different levels of government. In addition, the article seeks to establish the points of legal inquiry that represent the largest capacity for change, as well as how these points can see change, and who that change should work for.

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Our final article’s topic concerned privacy and transparency laws and policies surrounding access and use of genetic information. Due to the constraints of COVID19 and the numerous changes brought to the life of our campus, our student body, and our writers, this article did not see full completion. However, our writers provided a brief summary of portions of the work and research that had been done, and this summary is published to exhibit some of the points of inquiry regarding genetic information and the complex questions of privacy and transparency that exist.

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